The capital city of Ukraine is Kyiv and the biggest cities are Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv

Ukraine is a large East European country with the territory of 600 sqr km and the population of about 40 million people. It is 2nd one after France in terms of its territory. Ukraine is a postindustrial country with a well developed agriculture sector as well as sector of services. In the last few years outsourcing sector and software development sector have been growing rapidly.

Some of the peculiar features of Ukraine are unique national cuisine full of delicious organic ingredients and a big number of beautiful young ladies.

There are lots of European style restaurants in Ukraine

The meals served in Ukraine's restaurants are of top quality. Besides always supplying kitchen with fresh foods most restaurants also employ a professional chef with a good knowledge of all aspects of national Ukrainian cuisine and preparing of various delicious dishes.

Beer pubs with freshly brewed beer

Ukrainian beer is considered to be really tasteful. Foreign guests could appreciate its quality to full extent during the football international match - EuroCup 2012. Besides that, lots of pubs have a unique atmosphere. There are pubs of German, Irish and Czech style in the city.

The most popular night-clubs

Most of the night-clubs in Ukraine work through the whole night. Besides enjoying some fun music, dancing and abundant alcoholic drinks choice here you can also watch lots of various show programs and even participate in contests and win some prizes.

Map of Ukraine