Be the author of your Kharkov adventures. Think of any sort of program you'd enjoy and we will help it come true in a most fun and enjoyable way for you

We decided not to do the standard tours most of Ukraine's tour companies offer. We want to offer something special to our clients - the individual tours of Kharkov. Be the author of your Ukraine adventures and we will do our best to make your dreams and fantasies come true.

Any city on Earth is not just a number of buildings, museums and squares - it's a piece of totally different life-style, culture and traditions. Unfortunately, most of the tour companies in Ukraine don't take this fact into consideration and end up making your tour just an endless trip from one monument to another or one museum to another.. This is often also followed up by boring and monotonous explanations of your tour guide.

If you could enjoy everything described above, there's no problems at all and you can easily find a bunch of companies that will arrange that sort of program for your vacation in Ukraine. However, if you want to get something different, you are most welcome to our service! :) Our first and only rule is as follows: you should know yourself what you want and tell us about it, while our mission is to provide the sort of holiday / business stay in Ukraine program you dream of to you. In order to make it easier for you to decide on the options we will give you some examples of what our clients normally like best.

The Traditional Russian Picnic

"Shashlyk" is an inevitable part of Russian picnic Vodka, brown bread and "shashlyk" make a delicious combination Beer, fresh water crawfishes and just a nice atmosphere in Kharkov

This is one of the most popular ways of spending spare-time in Russia and Ukraine. In summer time when it's nice and warm a picnic is a lot of fun. And when you have a nice company around, a guitar for some music, the smell of grilled meat ("shashlyk"), some freshly chopped up vegies for a salad and some shots of vodka waiting on you, the experience will be simply unforgettable. By the way, the combination of "shashlyk" and vodka is one of the best ones and most of our guests are just delighted after such experiences.

Russian "Banya" (bath)

This is what Russian Banya looks like in Kharkiv There is a room for rest and recreation inside Some devices for health improvement

This is another popular spare time activity. Unlike the picnic thing, "Banya" (which is a form of sauna) is a good thing to do not only in summer but also in winter when you have a chance to not only enjoy the hot tub but also to cool yourself off after it by jumping into the hole made in river / lake ice with icy-cold water :) Doctors say Russian Banya is good for people with digestion problems, arthritis, excessive weight, some eye-vision diseases, reumatism, neurosis and many other health problems.

Night life in Kharkov

Kharkov night clubs are always full of pretty girls You can dance all night long The assortment of drinks in the bars of Kharkov night clubs has a very wide range

Many foreign men come to Kharkov and to Ukraine in general in search of young brides. Kharkov's got lots of night clubs and many young Ukrainian girls go to dance there and will often get acquainted with men during their night out. If you came to Kharkov in search of bride you definitely should visit one of the night clubs of the city.

These are just a few possible ways of spending your time in Ukraine. Other than those there are also bowling, paintball, quadrocycle trips and lots of other stuff to do and enjoy. All in all you can even make your own wish list for the trip and create your own program, while we will do our best to make this program happen so your stay in Ukraine works out in a most fun and enjoyable way for you.

All you need is to write an email with your wish list for your trip to us and let us know your expectations as to your Ukraine tour.