These dating tips are telling about a few of the typical errors foreign men searching for a Russian or Ukrainian wife are making

By using the dating tips you can avoid many typical errors and disappointments.

By using dating advice you can avoid some of the typical errors men make at the early stage of acquaintance with Slavic ladies. However, it's by far not all the peculiarities of building an international relationship. From time to time there will occur a situation where its difficult to judge about the prospectives of a relationship. It might be that a woman doesn't have a serious relationship as her goal, or you might be doing something not quite correctly, however, it also does happen that you've met a real scammer. In order to get some help on clarifying the situation you can order additional consultancy session that will include:

- analysis of corresponding / letters

- advice for questions to ask the lady in order to find out her true intentions

- summary and conclusion

If you got a situation when you doubt your Russian or Ukrainian girl-friend's intentions you can always order this service in our Services section and we will do our best to help you sort out the problems or misunderstandings that had occured.