Restaurants, beer pubs with freshly brewed beer and most popular night-clubs of Kharkov. Touristic routes and sights of Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kharkov was founded in 1654 and is the 2nd biggest city in Ukraine. From 1919 to 1934 this city was the capital of Ukraine and its population by 2014 reached the number of 1.5 million people.

In the beginning the city was an industrial center and as the time went by it became a scientific and technical center of Ukraine as well. A big number of colleges and universities attracts lots of young people into town and you can in particular easily notice that when the school year begins. Besides that Kharkov (as well as Odessa) have lots of beautiful young ladies which makes walking these cities especially pleasant. Just like any civilized city Kharkov's got lots of places you can go to in order to learn more about its history as well as to get some entertainment.

Touristic sights and attractions of Kharkov

"Gorky Park" - Sumskaya Street, 81 "Sargin Yar"  - Sarzhinskaya Street, 2 "Mirror Spring" - Sumskaya Street, 25 "Kharkov Zoo" - Sumskaya Street, 35 "Kharkov Dolphinarium" - Sumskaya Street, 35 "Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre" - Sumskaya Street, 25

Many touristic sights of Kharkov are located in city's center. In order to explore them you can take a walk without a need for using transportation services. Some of these sights can be visited at no fee and you can enjoy seeing them for free.

Best Kharkov restaurants with delicious cuisine

Kharkov restaurant "Sharikoff" - Kvitky-Osnovyanenko Street, 12 Kharkov restaurant "Pushka"- Pushkinskaya Street, 31 Kharkov restaurant "Paris" - Petrovskogo Street, 30/32

The meals served in Kharkov's restaurants are of top quality. Besides always supplying kitchen with fresh foods most restaurants also employ a professional chef with a good knowledge of all aspects of national Ukrainian cuisine and preparing of various delicious dishes.

Beer pubs of Kharkiv with freshly brewed beer

"Pivobar" - Frunze Street, 3 "Patrik Irish Pub" - Universitetskaya Street, 2 "Stargorod" - Lermontovskaya Street, 7

Ukrainian beer is considered to be really tasteful. Foreign guests could appreciate its quality to full extent during the football international match - EuroCup 2012. Besides that, lots of pubs have a unique atmosphere. There are pubs of German, Irish and Czech style in the city.

The most popular night-clubs of town

"Bolero" - 50 years of VLKSM Avenue, 56 "Misto" - Klochkovskaya Street, 190-A "Radmir" - Akademika Pavlova Street, 271

Most of the night-clubs in Kharkov work through the whole night. Besides enjoying some fun music, dancing and abundant alcoholic drinks choice here you can also watch lots of various show programs and even participate in contests and win some prizes.

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