Help Ukraine

War in Ukraine

The night of February 24th, 2022 Russia deliberately attacked Ukraine. Millions of civilian people in the whole country woke up at 5 a.m. hearing the sounds of bombs falling on their home towns, seeing how their dwellings are falling apart. Vladimir Putin cynically called it a 'special operation' of liberating Ukrainian nation.. Liberation from flourishing, homes.. and even lives..

#StoptheWar in Ukraine

Because of the terrible war I had to leave my country same as many of my compatriots. It was not easy to get out but I finally made it to Germany. Although my mother is still there, on the territory of Ukraine, as she did not have an international passport to get out and also her health is not good. I am terribly worried about her and millions of other Ukrainians who are now hiding from bomb shells in shelters and subways.

Along with some of my friends here in Germany as well as with some of my Ukrainian friends who want to help the community we want to make a charity project to help Ukrainian civilians who are in need of even the basic necessities. Food. Utensils for cooking. Clothes (as so many were leaving their houses with just a couple of pieces of t-shirts and jeans just in order to save their lives.

If any of you have a kind heart and a sincere desire to help these people survive and hopefully get out of the country which is now at war please contact me via direct whatsapp number so I can connect you with the manager of volunteer team.